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Kelly Wheeler

We've seen you now 3 times at Litchfield Beach. Of course, we have enjoyed it EVERYTIME! Our cheeks hurt by the end from laughing so much! Thanks from Your Greenville friends!

August 11 2012 (1008) e

Jim and Cheri Jennings

Currently at our place in St.George, Bermuda. Once we get over to the Swizzle Inn, we'll put the word IN to get you booked there again. Wish you well on your tour. Hope to see you soon.

August 1 2012 (1007) e

Pete & Karen Hall

Great time at Stoney in Brooms Island. You show gets better and better every time we see ya! The rest of my family enjoy the shows and all the hugs, kisses and goals Michael McDonald said "hello" and West Va is just a suburb of Virginia

July 23 2012 (1006) e

Jackie McGill

Saw you two years ago in Key West. Can't wait to see you again in 2013. You do an awesome show!

July 17 2012 (1005) e

Kevin M. Sims ~ Charlotte, NC

Happy Independence Day! Thank you so much for your kindness and consideration in creating wonderful memories for Ethan while we were on vacation last week ... Quigley's & Dead Dog Saloon. You made a fast friend of Ethan. His laughter and smiles throughout the week during various activities are priceless to us. Continued success to you. God Bless.


July 4 2012 (1004) e

Pat Donelan

Bil; We had a great time,as usual!Even if Peter stole the show from Sparticus of Ky. See you next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pat,Tony and families

July 3 2012 (1003) e

Carol Brummett from NC

Your show at the Compass Cove Resort in Myrtle Beach on 6/20 was exactly what our family needed. We have been under so much stress and hadn't had any time away for over 2 years and finally were able to pop a quick 3 days away and thats when we found you. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lightening of life you provided for me and my daughter and 2 grandsons. you were such an inspiration to all of us.. Thanks Again, Carol from NC

June 27 2012 (1002) e


Hi Bil,
Just wanted to drop you a note to say what a great time we had with you at The Dead Dog Saloon last Tuesday (6/12/12)
Loved LOVED the show! Hopefully you'll make it up to Put In Bay, OH soon!!
~ The Ohio group

June 17 2012 (1001) e


We are heading east on I 26 towards Pawleys. Cant wait to catch your show while we are on vacation
The Kentucky crew, Molly, Mike, Vince, Julia, Chris, Sarah and Emily.

June 2 2012 (1000) e

Pam ~ Reno, Nevada

OMG, How the HECK ARE YA BIL, I havent talked to you for so long, I am living in Nevada now, so if you are ever around the reno or tahoe area, look me up, Hubby Ed and I moved here about 6 or more yrs ago. I hope you still remember me, its Kweefer, hahhahahhaha, The last time I talked with you, you were teasing me about that with my name. Hope all is well with you, and miss you, like it was yesterday I was seeing you do your show Hugs, Pam Perkins

May 31 2012 (999) e

Kevin Waldron

Hello Bil; Wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your show at Crows Nest in Myrtle Beach on May 30. You made our 13 year old son Jake your chicken man for the evening. We had a fabulous time and look forward to seeing you again. We typically visit Myrtle Beach for Bike Week (without kids)but this year Bike Week just wasn't in the cards for us so we came a week later and brought the kids and had a blast! You do an awesome show! We will be seeing you again!

May 30 2012 (998) e


Going to be in Key West in June...sorry that we'll be missing you at Irish Kevin's this time around...guess I'll have to schedule another Key West adventure when you will be there

May 18 2012 (997) e

Barb Howard / Augusta, GA

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your show 2 weeks ago at the Breakers! ( We were the ones from Augusta and sat in the corner by the "dummy"...LOL!) Hoping to catch you on our next trip!

May 16 2012 (996) e


As always, great to see you in your element. I love the Bil Krauss experience.

April 14 2012 (995) e

L Stoever

Bill: I was crushed to find that Dead Dog burned to the ground 2/22. We had so many fun times watching you perform. They say they are rebuilding and will be back and we look forward to seeing you return this season as well. Please keep us posted if you will be performing anywhere in the Myrtle Beach area.

February 22 2012 (994) e


Just gotta let you know Critter misses you!!! My 92 year old mom says that was the highlight of our cruise.!!!

February 19 2012 (993) e

Mary Beth @ Saratoga Springs, NY

Hey - we were part of the crazy group of Marc and Gina's wedding! Great morning of drinking and laughing. Last night of our great cruise/wedding/vacation. We're from upstate New York - Saratoga / /Albany area. Heard you say you had played there. Any future plans to return?

We can bring people!!!!

Mary Beth Maciariello

February 10 2012 (991) e

Randy Rogers ~ Philadelphia

YOU were the #1 highlight from the Cruise I was on....I enjoyed your show THAT MUCH, and I will come see you if you get to Delaware...or how bout Jersey Shore bars??? Anyway, thanks for a great time,
The Guy with the socks,

February 8 2012 (990) e

Cheryl and Craig - Florence, SC

Hello Bil,

We loved your Key West Show! Cant't wait for your to come back to South Carolina. We will see you at Dead Dog Saloon!

Cheryl & Craig
Florence, SC

February 8 2012 (989) e

Tim & Mary Nuss ~ Philly

Hey Bill,

You show was great; one of the highlights to our Key West trip! If you are ever in the Philadelphia area, let us know and we will be there.

We are hoping to be able to get to your Dewey Beach show.

Tim and Mary Nuss

February 7 2012 (988) e


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